Hokkaido Hidaka-made placenta extract concentrate serum created by a leading company in the field of thoroughbred breeding farms and placenta extract.

Hokkaido Hidaka-made placenta extract concentrate serum created by a leading company in the field of thoroughbred breeding farms and placenta extract.



Hidaka is known for producing up to 70% of Japan's Thoroughbreds. However, the economic recession and the lack of successors has led to many ranch closures.
"I want to protect my hometown's industry and pass it on to the next generation," she says with great passion.

Hidaka, Hokkaido

Her name was Yoko Takamura. Known as "Majo” (horse lady), she is the manager of Takamura Ranch in Samani-cho, Hidaka, Hokkaido.
"I want to preserve Hidaka's Thoroughbred industry from a women's perspective." "Just as the placenta connects us mothers to the lives of our children, I want to take this opportunity to protect Hidaka."

Many were moved by Takamura's enthusiasm, and from there, Thoroughbred placenta extract was born and is now a product that Hidaka boasts to the world.
The product's name is "VIVA LADY". Every year, only a limited amount of this precious beauty essence can be made.

Placenta extract

In the placenta of a mammal, one can find 10 different types of amino acid, various vitamins and minerals, and rich nutritive enzymes. Placenta extract, which has long been known for promoting "perpetual youth and longevity" and "eternal beauty", is said to have been cherished by the ancient Chinese, Shi Huangdi and Yang Guifei, and the ancient Egyptian queen, Cleopatra. Now, placenta is extracted with proprietary methods and is used in pharmaceutical products, health foods, and cosmetics.

The placenta extract is known to condition our skin.

SNOWDEN Co., Ltd. which is known as one of pharmaceutical manufacturers in Japan produces the placenta extract.

SNOWDEN Co., Ltd. which is known as one of pharmaceutical manufacturers in Japan

SNOWDEN Co., Ltd. is selling a wide range of products, not only pharmaceuticals but also health foods and cosmetics as a leading company in the field of placenta extract. The company is proud of their excellent technology and many accomplishments, and has been producing the placenta extract under their strict quality control. The company actually produces their heath foods and placenta extract used in cosmetics based on their manufacturing method applied for pharmaceutical materials…this is a characteristic of SNOWDEN Co., Ltd.

The world’s first! Genuine placenta extract for which you can be sure of the producer and thoroughbred stock.

VIVA LADY has been made from the placenta of these five mother horses.

  • Oxypetalum


  • Ballet Dancing

    Ballet Dancing

  • Cunas


  • Sakuradamon


  • Pisa no Roman

    Pisa no Roman

We also wish to support the success of Hokkaido Hidaka!

We also wish to support the success of Hokkaido Hidaka!

Director of HARUMI CLINIC Dr. Harumi Nakayama

The placenta is an organ that supplies the necessary nutrients to the fetus during pregnancy in mammals. A single fertilized egg repeats cell division and eventually turns into the same form as the parent, and the placenta is what always supplies the necessary nutrients. The period varies depending on the type of animal, however, the fact that it contains a variety of active ingredients necessary for cell growth has already been elucidated.

Including myself, everyone wishes to be young forever and never wants to get old. The placenta is an ingredient which tends to be focused on the cosmetic side of the effect, however, this is only part of the effects. As the placenta contains many components which activate cells, I think it is a precious ingredient which can also support youthfulness. That is why the placenta is preferred by many people.

I, myself, have visited Hokkaido a few times for sightseeing and work. But I only had a chance to visit the major cities there. When we hear Hokkaido, we usually think of tourist spots such as Sapporo, Tokachi, Ishikari and Otaru etc. However, I think the initial attractiveness of Hokkaido is the magnificent nature which is represented by the south and north side of Hokkaido. I think Hokkaido is layered with great variety and depth from a city which is comparable to Tokyo to the areas where people live alongside magnificent nature.

Speaking of the placenta products, there are many sorts of products which contain placenta extract. They are not only the pharmaceutical placenta which uses human placenta extract as an ingredient and is used as a prescription medicine, but also cosmetics and health food etc which use the placenta extract of pigs, horses, and sheep. However, a major characteristic of Hidaka's placenta extractis that because this is produced by a single farmer's hand, the product promises superior homogeneity and safety and it also contains sufficient extract. And more than anything else, there is the farmer's strong wish is put it in every single product.

Director of OKAFUJI CLINIC Dr. Tatsumasa Okafuji

Director of OKAFUJI CLINIC Dr. Tatsumasa Okafuji


At my clinic located in Osaka, I've been engaged in many patients' medical treatment based on my concept of Healthy Mind and Body. What becomes a foundation to live well in a society of longevity is a healthy mind and healthy body. I think, on top of this, when BEAUTY is added to it, the quality of life can go up.

At my clinic, based on the internal medicine, I'm also offering treatments such as weight control and detox etc, which is a type of treatment which increases the natural beauty of each person. Placenta therapy which utilizes pharmaceutical placenta injections is one of these treatments. The placenta extract concentrate serum was born at a farm in Hokkaido Hidaka which is known as Japan's capital of thoroughbred breeding. As a doctor who offers placental treatment, I’m highly interested in farmer's challenge. The placenta of mammals has an important role where a mother keeps supplying nutrients to the fetus. In the placenta which can be referred to as a lifeline, that links the mother and child, and a variety of nutrients for protecting and raising the precious babies are richly contained.

Not only for us, human beings, but also for other animals, the condition of the body (organ) is decided by the quality of the food. Thoroughbred breeding is the same.

As for the beef, pork and chicken liver that you eat at yakiniku restaurants, there may be the ones which come from the animals fed with special food to make them grow bigger and quicker. Toxic substances are detoxified in the lever but we can't avoid them being accumulated in the liver. Can you eat liver for which you don't know the place of production or the process without any worry? Since I started being aware of this fact, I wasn’t able to say to anemia patients “Please try to eat liver” any more.

You can see not only the place of production but also the face of the manufacturer. This can be referred to as one of the ideal forms of traceability. There is a phrase "You are what you eat" This means “the body is made from food and food is made from the land. The human body and the land where they live are always associated with each other" I think what suits the bodies of Japanese people are the ingredients which are made in Japan.

My friends live in Hokkaido too. I wish to sincerely support the success of women in Hidaka.

How to achieve skin firmness and glossiness with “VIVA LADY” How to achieve skin firmness and glossiness with “VIVA LADY”

An ingredient becoming the beautiful skin is included in placenta extract abundantly.
Drop 1-2 drops of VIVA LADY into your usual skin lotion.

  • 1. Wash off any dirt or lotion from the surface of your face.
  • 2. Drop 1~2 drops of VIVA LADY into your usual skin lotion or beauty liquid.
  • 3. Apply more than once on top of wrinkles or any discoloration or sagginess on the skin
Use more special days than usual! Be more beautiful!

Just mixing 1 to 2 drops of cosmetics you use every day makes you special beauty essence!Just mixing 1 to 2 drops of cosmetics you use every day makes you special beauty essence!

Hokkaido, Hidaka-made placenta

extract concentrate serum“VIVA LADY”

30 ml
Ingredients: water, ethanol, pentylene glycole, placenta extract